"I lost 24 lbs on the scale in 30 days with 1-800-PersonalTrainers"
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dietician boston FREE ongoing nutrition consultations You will never have to go to a nutritionist in boston again and spend over $200 per session for a 7 days meal plan. We offer it FREE
personal training in massachusetts with 1-800-Personal trainers FREE food shopping assistance   we go grocery shopping  with you to ensure your weight loss success.You will be assisted by the best nutritionists in boston
rapid weight loss boston FREE meal plans and grocery listIn less than 20 minutes our dietitians can generate a custom meal plan for you that fits your lifestyle (vegeterian or lactose intolerante). And it is FREE!
FREE passes for your friends to join you for a workout working out should be fun.so bring a friend and have a blast while torching body fat with the best fitness trainers in boston.
FREE body composition analysis and measurementsWe measure everything! From your body fat percentage to your circumferences to track your progress.

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1-800-personaltrainers helped me transform my body in 4 months
I went from 26% body fat at 192 lbs to 12% body fat at 175 lbs.

It was hard but very well worth it. 
They are the best personal trainers / nutritionists group in massachusetts.
I had 3 trainers in total. regis diallo, baboucarr njie and ronald alonso. all for the same unique low price.
I recommend their services to anybody trying to change their physic. 



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Super model Thierno Njie

"they are the #1 personal training firm in the country"

If you need to transform your body in record time just pick up the phone and call these guys. I was amazed at how much they can make you do with close to no equipment. they really know their stuff.



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2011 Revere beach boot camp



boot camp on the beach with boston best in home personal trainers

2012 Revere beach boot camp



in home personal training with 1-800-personal trainers

Newbury college boot camp



What is In Home Personal Training?

In home personal training is 1-800-PersonalTrainers
remedy to lack of time, commuting, and the ability to design a great health and
fitness program in the comfort of your own home.

Our Boston in home personal training programs will leave you astonished at
how great you feel after completing just one of our uniquely formatted
sessions.  We listen to each and every one of your goals and then design a
program specifically to meet your needs. Not only that, we include everything you
could possibly need into one in-home personal training success package.

No need to say that success is guaranted.

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-1 on 1 Personal training with the best personal trainers in the boston area ( in home personal training, in gyms personal training, outdoors personal training)

-Nutrition evaluations with nutritionists & dietitians

-Diets recommendations

-Food shopping assistance

-Group personal training with the best personal trainers in the boston area

-Boot camps outdoors and indoors

-Corporate boot camps in boston and surrounding areas

-Strength and conditioning for athletic teams










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